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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is your news a live from berlin the battle to replace uncle americal heats up 2 men declare themselves ready to lead the conservatives in germany's upcoming election our political editor tells us who's got the best chance also coming up on the show printing a revolution and mark activists put their pro-democracy message on paper amid internet blackouts they're risking their lives to say they won't stop till they've defeated the military junta. and what's behind the flare up of violence in northern ireland we need a young man in belfast who was arrested after this week's riots. oh
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i'm claire richards and welcome to the show here in germany a 2 man contest is shaping up to succeed americal as chancellor of various marcos' oda has thrown his hat in the ring saying he is ready to be the conservative candidate in this autumn's general election and that means the conservatives face a choice i mean lash it had a long been viewed as the favorites of the she's the leader of merkel's c.d.u. party and the governor of germany's most populous state north rhine-westphalia but now some are urging him to step aside in favor of it result after his chief of the c.v.s. conservative sister party in the state of bavaria and his national profile has grown during the pandemic. the 2 candidates spoke at a press conference earlier let's take a listen. we've announced that we're ready to stand this candidates for big chunks of the ship. and we've agreed to should be a good process. as we set off towards the shared goal involving both
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parties and of course together with a parliamentary group. suitable for us already it's important that we show respect for one another i can say 1st off regardless of how the final decision turns out we were together very very well let's get straight across to w.'s chief political editor michelle who is standing by in front of the german parliament mark was there and i mean last should have said they are both prepared to be the party's chancellor candidate so how will it be decided who will now enter the race. but essentially what we just saw there is a political so down with both sides vowing that they want to demonstrate unity by throwing his hat finally into the ring various state prime it is signalling readiness and he's in a combative mode basically telling the biggest party c.d.u.
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that it needs to make up its own mind and we also learned that behind closed doors he once again pulled out those opinion polls which seem not seen as natural success of riding high in the opinion polls so as we stand. here there's a lot of. debate already beginning and we expect to learn whose name will be on the ticket over the coming days if not hours you mentioned mark as it appears to be ahead in opinion polls i mean last it has been positioning himself as being the most committed of the 2 to americans legacy i think that is having an effect on his ratings. but it did initially because that basically made him the person to succeed he was seen as the that brandon. stability
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politics more recently he tried to put a bit of distance between angela merkel's handling of the corona pandemic which was heavily criticized and his own approach which saw more openings while marco sudha who remarkable political instinct was very fast to then pledge allegiance to angola machall who he's criticized in the past he says there's no way one can become chancellor by not being endorsed by anger machall so clearly there's a fight over her legacy already also going on and there's an understanding that that political brand of machall approval is what could carry the cd hugh in elections to calm elections are coming up in a september and party members are surely impatient for a candidate to be named how soon do you think we can expect a decision. i think it will come very fast now there was a lot of confusion after that press conference i just attended what the actual
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process will be now initially was supposed to be the leaders of those 2 parties the c.d.u. that and mark was sued of the various basically talking behind closed doors instead we've now seen a very public showdown and it will now be up to the c.d.u. to make up its mind whether it still backs its own party. enough and trusts him enough to bounce back from those opinion polls that look pretty bleak at the moment to actually have his name on the ticket these are very decisive hours potentially days here in germany to learn who will actually run in those elections on the conservative ticket and we'll of course of the covering that story for you here on news our political editor thanks so much for your reporting. let's turn our attention now to some other stories that are making headlines around the world german president frank has visited the former death camp at a book involves. mark the 76th anniversary of its liberation in
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a speech time are warned against forgetting the crimes of the nazis more than 56000 people were murdered involved and its satellite camps. voting is underway in chad's presidential election it is widely expected that al thora tarion president idriss deby will emerge as the winner and extend his 30 year rule his main rivals have been barred from running or have polls out claiming intimidation. and hundreds of yemenis have protested against worsening living conditions in the border torn country protesters blocked off a major road in the southern port city of aden they're demanding action on continuing power cuts and high prices internationally recognized government is battling iran back who's the rebels who control the capital sanaa. with a number of civilians killed in myanmar as military crackdown has climbed to over 700 on saturday security forces killed more than 80 pro-democracy protesters in the
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city ago authorities regularly shut down internet access which is forced activists to return to old fashioned methods of spreading their message. the man wearing this mosque who goes by the name lynn and he's the founder of an underground newsletter called molotov. it's secretly distributed to thousands of readers across myanmar. it's a tough time at the moment but we have to be interviewed wearing masks so. we're living under a lot of oppression at the moment we have to distribute the printed version of mana tof ourselves because of the internet i would it. for writing revolutionary literature and then distributing it we could end up in prison for many years possibly 10 or more years ago. he told her she was. a huge risk but one that many like lynn found are prepared to take. some readers
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across the country download a p.d.f. version of the publication print them out and distribute the physical copies in their local area. myanmar has a long history of underground publications. independent media is under severe threat. according to groups monitoring the crackdown in myanmar around 3000 people have been arrested since the military seized power in february and at least 700 people have been killed. the reasons that keith lynn found and his fellow activists determined to fight for their freedom. was pretty solid even if one of us is arrested there are young people who will carry on producing the molotov newsletter even if one of us is killed someone else will turn up when someone folds this molotov newsletter will
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continue to exist until the revolution is successful the. revolution for now appears to have no end date in sight. well irish prime minister me home martin has warned of a spiral back into sectarian conflict in northern ireland's saturday marks the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which ended the conflict known as the troubles but now violence is flaring adat in a week of rioting has rocked the british province and it's drawn in many young people. the head on attack with a burning car. it's hard to say how many rioters there are some disappear down side streets and others come out these young unionists threw stones iron sheets and molotov cocktails at police on friday night for over 2 hours law
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enforcement advanced with caution to avoid provoking you. on saturday cooper mcclure walked us through his neighborhood he teaches young people here how to box he says many of them feel angry and on wanted. the seeing and are sort of like. the old or that out of there to the road to the really mean much to the other laws are bobby frank and while we're not part of britain anymore a little while you get out of. their stop and i bet nobody wants them so i think there's a lot of anger called let out. in pro union neighborhoods many feel betrayed has cut them off from the rest of the united kingdom even though northern ireland is still part of the u.k. many people feel they've been cut loose from their homeland. some radical groups are encouraging young people to take to the street like joel who was arrested after the riots. all right down to they is on their attack
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when they hear those words when they hear about stuff and then they're told all right on the way that you can help is by going on through one ball and stones of people they're more than well in the day so. many pro-union neighborhoods young people are dealing with poverty and hopelessness violence is also an outlet for frustration. cooper mcclure has tried to offer a place where local use can feel like they belong to his boxing club normally they would be training eating and chatting but they aren't allowed to because of coronavirus restrictions he's worried about losing them to violence. i don't think anybody has any influence at all of these young lads and i actually think there's elements of older ones personally young dogs forward you know but also as a club here we were close because of coal but we have new fears the fears and the
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rocks and with our dogs really hard that we can tell them just do not go to these hot spots you know. no one knows where the violence will lead but it's almost certain people in northern ireland haven't seen the end of the rest. but anyone who's ever been to the spanish island of majorca knows that it is a favorite vacation spot among germans but it has become a controversial destination with travel within germany restricted majorca remaining open some accused tourist flying there during the pandemic of being selfish for. back home in berlin after a holiday in the sun when my your car was taken off the list of high risk destinations thousands of germans jumped at the chance and flew to the spanish island over the easter holidays under new rules anyone flying into germany has to provide a negative covert 1000 test before boarding the aircraft authorities in majorca scramble to provide enough testing facilities people returning to berlin say the
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process. this wasn't too troublesome and they felt safe on the island. that's why we waited in line for about 2 and a half hours to get the swab the result came 4 hours later by email so it was relatively easy. it was a bit difficult to get a test but they have capacity there and i was able to get one i thought it was good how the spaniards reacted quickly so their german friends could come home. we are careful also in berlin we have rules. but in my yard life is certainly safer than when we go to the supermarket here or use public transport. going over. what i'm going over the inform good. trips to majorca has become controversial in germany many fear travel back and forth could spread the virus some complain that the tourists are selfish but travelers say the measures in place on the island and for air travel reassure them and they are confident they're not bringing the virus
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back with them. sports news now and sunday's early bundesliga game has finished so let's take a look at the results so far in this league at this weekend's shaka earned just their 2nd wind of the season against bart cologne and mine is currently under way on saturday byron's league was cut to 5 points after they drew into one and there were also wins for frankfurt and a dog man's house i drew with gladbach fribourg on friday night and later cruising to visit hoffenheim on monday to round off match day $28.00. when mission controllers have delayed the 1st flight of nasa as many helicopter on mars technical issues emerged during the testing of the rotors before takeoff the ingenuity helicopter is set to make the 1st powered and controlled flight on a planet other than earth. ingenuity travel to mars attach to the rover perseverance nasa has now pushed back the flight by at least
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a few days. that's all for me for now priscilla mohamed will be up with more news headlines at the top the hour thanks for joining us. i'm secure in the by a war that's hard and in the end this is a me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor another yet you want to become
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a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. for the 1st time anywhere in the world a high ranking syrian officer is on trial in germany and more are was the alleged head of torture for the assad regime in damascus he is charged with murder torture and rape gave the order his beat him he'd say and i was beaten if mr and why did not like my answer to a question. survivors are also attending the trial and hoping for justice.
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journalist know what father is on her way to the higher reaches court in co blends where the trial has been underway for a year so far she has not missed a day in court if i say i don't know what i will hear and i don't know. sometimes i'm anxious but on the other hand i know i'm going to him and he said details in this call session. or other court sessions. whole and. does not yet know which witness or joint plaintive will testify today because the court is keeping the name sealed the fear of assad's long reach is so great that witnesses and joint plaintiffs are intimidated in the courtroom luna whose name has been changed to protect her identity is the only syrian journalist following the
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trial here she is doing this for all of the syrians who cannot be present for her this is not about journalistic responsibility this is a fish dish for me this is they're important to me because i am also a former political prisoner from the same ward at the t. prison. and when the witnesses give their testimonies the stories here i also have my story in fact i'm also writing my story behind the scenes. are as allegedly responsible for these accounts of torture that are being discussed in court he is charged with crimes against humanity $58.00 counts of murder torture in at least $4000.00 cases and rape is personal culpability is being tried in copeland's but as he sits in the dock he represents the entire assad regime wassim
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was also tortured by n y r r when he was on his way to a demonstration in syria in september 20th levon he was arrested and taken to the prison a notorious torture facility where and are was in charge. of well i was interrogated 3 times over the course of 5 days a year that each time i was interrogated allegedly by and why are what he said i am the interrogator at the exact been that it gave the orders and he told others to beat me so i was beaten if mr and water did not like my acid to a question was which to fund. wassim tells us that he shared a 22 square meter cell with 87 other people they all took turns sleeping in a seated position security guards broke his ribs during the interrogation wassim did not tell anwar that he is a musician. it if you're in the interrogation i was always afraid that they would
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beat my hands if a hand would be broken or a finger removed or something like that it would be a disaster for me. and at this point. in my leg they always told me to lay on my stomach with it and put my feet in the air lick them so i laid on my stomach and placed my hands beneath my chest. in part to support my ribs because it was painful to lie on my stomach. but also to protect my hands no matter where they hit me they didn't reach my hands . on this was all i could do besides being dead to protect them i was afraid for my hands and for my life but at least there was something i could do about my hands. the minute hand that is and that was my personal kind of resistance that's why. there's only chivvied us to stop.
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prosimian continues to resist today here in berlin in front of the reichstag the german parliament he and other like minded people are calling for an end of the assad regime. is playing revolutionary songs for his fellow comrades in support of a free and democratic syria. put a silence reach is long his regime exerts a strong influence on witnesses and joint plaintiffs in germany their families who are still in syria report instances of intimidation nevertheless a cmos testified in court and human rights lawyer should monitor saif says this is important. that everyone would team for sure and he. will let me say. whenever the and wound up
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equal maybe if. they make this you know raised on the meetings taping was to fall on the head of. the wall going all over won't be getting more what they really and more did for the human court raising. the one. who by the time luna want full was imprisoned in a hut and war are was already gone having defected to the opposition as one of their intelligence officers and he applied for asylum in germany when he told the authorities about his past they arrested him under the principle of universal jurisdiction that allows a state to prosecute crimes against humanity even if the. it took place outside of their territory and even if neither the perpetrators nor the victims are citizens of that state since then you know what far has heard and seen many cruel stories in
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the courtroom this was one of the most difficult moments for her. the caesar photograms pictures taken by a former syrian military photographer referred to by the family as caesar who secretly combi them while still working for the regime and later smuggled them out of the country now in cold blood they are evidence of the assad regime's torture methods. so i was there to see victims depicted in this way without being able to change anything. i can only sit behind the witnesses and record that testimony but i can't change anything in syria. and this is session was really really bad i will never forget the photos example that i tried not to see those photos the tool the guns so i guess in this
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particular court session. it was necessary. that's vamose luna saw the caesar photos for the 1st time shortly after they were published in 2014 during which time she was an active protester in syria and from that moment on she knew exactly what she was facing even so she continued to go to demonstrations when people were killed in a chemical weapons attack she took photos of the graves sent them abroad and was arrested. and of. all that an officer asked me to give him the names of others who worked with me i said there were no other is this i worked all by myself. and at that point he laughed and said. ok you don't want to be co-operative with us so that's why i will take your kids. during the entire year that no was in prison she was afraid for her children only
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later did she learn that they were never arrested. for lona it's the end of another day in court she's reporting live on the events today for the arabic channel event news and she's about to interview one of the joint plaintiffs. say many of the witnesses before him it was not easy for this witness to tell his story and they remember how awful things that happened and are forced to relive a bad feelings they don't want to remember. this is no use them to have suffered with each testimony she is also reminded of her torture in prison you know wants to know what it was like for the witness today. we're getting of questions from a german court it was also very sad to judge this guy in front of the german court . we have to judge the same person and other people in our syrian courts as well.
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here in berlin revolutionaries would also prefer to see the main defendant tried in a syrian court but they are confident that call blunt's is at least the 1st step toward justice. the syrians never had a place to talk about or ideas equity or justice and now we have this opportunity because of the copelands trial. for the 1st time and we actually need justice to syria among them but not just that it's that this man has committed certain crimes against syria and is and this is the criminal trial against that man against again not against the regime exactly but copeland's is very important because this case represents the whole government the whole syrian government is a criminal i agree because it systematic not an isolated case this is the at the 1st step but i'm hopeful that me to be to. be.
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wassim and the other revolutionaries hope assad will also have to stand trial at some point some of the people here are sure that the trial is already leaving its mark on syria and the lawyer anwar albany is one of them he has helped prepare many of the lawsuits but i am sure they this are they supporting it i am. sure the crimean that is now. up to date on this they have to be called upon to make a life. right. you know botha on the other hand doesn't believe the trial has changed anything in syria so far here at home in copeland's she jots down her thoughts from the courtroom and marks the locations of mass graves on maps luna who has asylum has been in germany since 2015 she and her
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children are safe here and that makes her happy the trial in koblenz is changing her life. i think about what has happened to other prisoners in syria all the time from for example what happened to the women who were in my cell. service their fate. and i didn't know nobody no use. the regime is still torturing tens of thousands of syrians you know what is documenting this process for them to so that she can say we did not stand idly by while this happened. this speech go in doesn't leave any crumbs behind. because there's enough plastic
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mining around into town $10.00 is enough. for cycling this is a make or break show and educating. kids see the bigger picture they will think if they kill where they live. are going. to. come oh come. on architecture firm in the netherlands this experiment to risk letter. words on building facades into a trance. state . what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating
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world heritage sites the. w world heritage 316 get to know. one welcome to this week's episode of all environmental show off because i am sun but we know he is in come put out uganda you don't know this show is a coproduction of shyness to be in nigeria in germany and t.v. here in uganda but i don't know said law and i am with my co-host create a lens hello create. a cell drawl.


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